“Los irreales” mixtape

    Exclusively with the July issue of the magazine Shock.

    In the July issue of the Colombian magazine Shock, Ondatrópica is the protagonist. They have been with us since the beginning of this trip and during these past months they have been following the development of the band in their pages. Now that the album was released in Europe and United States of America and our tour started, we will have the opportunity to take over the magazine as a preview to the album’s release in Colombia.

    The mixtape was produced by Will and Mario, the cover is the work of Lewis Heriz who was also responsible for the cover of the album that came out 3 days ago and the design was made by Alex Aguilar.

    People who buy one of the 25 thousand copies of the magazine that come with the CD will discover the sound of Ondatrópica with these 14 songs:

    1. Caimán y Gallinazo
    2. Bomba Trópica
    3. Tres Reyes de la Terapia
    4. Ska Fuentes
    5. Gaita Trópica
    6. La Cartera de Marrano
    7. Descarga Trópica
    8. Rap-Mayá
    9. Donde Suena el Bombo
    10. Caimán y Gallinazo
    11. Papi Shingaling
    12. Dos Lucecitas
    13. Swing de Gillian


    Next saturday July 21 you will be able to get the exclusive CD only with the magazine Shock. This collectors edition is thanks to the support of the British Council and sponsored by Movistar Colombia.

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