Medellín, the recording capital of Colombia

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Welcome to our webseries “Ondatrópica, The making of”. In this first episode several of the invited musicians tell us their experience of coming back to record in Medellín.

We want to thank all our friends from Medellín that have supported us during all this process, for receiving us with their open arms and for the contagious smiles. Also to remind you of our quest to rescue the cultural legacy left behind by the Fuentes brothers.

Thanks to Dummy Mag for hosting the premier of our episodio #1. Please remember that every week between wednesday and thursday we will share a new episode.

It is very important for us that you share our content with your friends and family so they get to know more about the project. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for buying our music though our recommended stores and avoiding illegal downloads of the album or songs via unofficial links or sites. Supporting legal downloads will give us the opportunity to keep doing a great job.

Thank you for joining us on this trip,

Los Irreales!

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