Markkitos Micolta

His name, Marco Antonio Micolta Santiesteban, but everyone calls him ‘Markkitos’, with a K. Though he may be short of height, his talent is giant as well as his heart. Markkitos comes from the city Buenaventura, (“an independent republic,” according to maestro Wilson Viveros), his voice made a name along the music of Peregoyo and Combo Vacaná. The journal El País from Cali refers to him as “the first voice of the Colombian Pacific to be heard around the world.”

His earliest presence in the studios of Discos Fuentes dates from 1964. “This studio is truly important to the music of the nation. Finding yourself amongst great and old friends, but full of vitality, motivates us in great measure”. All his hits with Peregoyo were recorded within this mythic place, such as ‘Mi Buenaventura’. After splitting with Peregoyo´s band, he founded his own group: ‘La sabrosura de litoral’, that helped him win the Petronio Álvarez festival in two occasions.

In this album we’re recording musicians from various regions of Colombia, it’s a really rich mixture, a union of races sharing the same idiosyncrasy: the Colombian one. The result of this rich mixture will be for the whole world to enjoy”.

His voice will shine in Ondatrópica as one the greatest exponents of Colombia’s Pacific folklore throughout the globe. Moreover, he has contributed his knowledge, his swing and his marvelous energy.

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