Alfredito Linares

Alfredo Ángel Linares Saucedo, More known as the maestro Alfredito Linares, he is one of the great composers of Latin America’s tropical music. He is Peruvian, but resides in Cali. He was born in Lima the 27th of January, 1944, and thanks to his father who worked as a piano dealer, he began to play since he was five years old. His learning process was enhanced at the ‘Conservatorio Nacional de Lima’.

At 15 he formed his first orchestra, participating on the station ‘Radio Libertad de Lima’. This orchestra, “Alfredo Linares y su Sonora”, aroused due to the Sonoras-name trending moment, led by the ‘Sonora Matacera’. From that moment on he began to consolidate his broad musical career, which took him to produce really relevant hits such as ‘Yo traigo Boogaloo’ and ‘El pito’.

With his productions he started traveling through Latin America. He arrived to Colombia in the seventies as a t.v. show’s musical director. He also performed as a guest musician in Hotel Tequendama and the Grill Miramar, very famous in those years. His musical career continued with appearances along Billo’s Caracas Boys, Rodolfo Acardi, Orquesta Matecaña, La Charanga New York, among others. For three years he’s been participating with Quantic, in his ‘Combo Bárbaro’, as well as other projects.

I feel greatly honored to be part of this reunion of talents; each one of us gives his own a grain of sand for this sound to come to life. I’m sure this will be a total success. We’ve accomplished to record as it was done before, everyone playing in the studio, and so you’ll feel the energy and talent that each of us puts in it”, he expresses while telling his perceptions about recording in the traditional manner at Discos Fuentes. “This is a truly significant studio; due to its sound it is one of the best studios in Colombia”.

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