This is the band going to London

Photograph: Maria Elisa Duque

Meet the Irreales de Ondatrópica, form Latin America to London and the world.

Standing (form left to right):

• Pedro “Ramayá” Beltrán: Caña de Millo, Gaita & Vocals
• Wilson Viveros: Percussion
• Markkitos Micolta: Vocals
Casimiro Gramillo (Mexico): Jarana & Violin
Jorge Gaviria: Trumpet
• Alfredo Linares: Piano
Ray Perez (Venezuela): Piano
• Nidia Góngora: Vocals 

Siting (form left to right):

Pedro Ojeda: Drums
• “Michi” Sarmiento: Saxophone, Vocals & Chorus
• Will Holland (Quantic): Guitar & Accordion
• Juan Carlos Puello “Chongo”: Percussion
• Mario Galeano: Musical Direction y Bass

Not pictured, but it is as important as the others:  

• Marco Fajardo: Saxophone

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