What’s behind this picture?

(From left to right: ‘Mich’ Sarmiento, Mario Galeano, Fernando Silva, ‘Ovejo’, Alfredito Linares, Quantic, Fruko, Wilson Viveros, and Luis Meza. Below: Freddy Colorado)

At the end of the day, after recording a powerful ‘descarga’ of improvised Salsa and taking a couple of rum shots to relax, all of the musicians posed for the picture. A memorable instant of this gathering of old time artists and friends, combined with Colombia’s new generation of tropical music.

(From left to right: Quantic, Fruko, Wilson Viveros, Luis Meza, “El profe” Vega y Luis Rincón. Below: Freddy Colorado)

Their great groove, their good humour, and their impeccable rhythm (of course) are forever present. If you wish to know how this picture was taken, the audio below may be of some help. Nonetheless, we can describe it with two words: music and fun, besides a couple of ‘party crashers’.

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